My Story - Founder Joanne Ewald – Mend on the Move


My Story - Founder Joanne Ewald

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you." – Mother Teresa

Love is not just a feeling or emotion, it’s a decision about how we will treat one another. 

For me as the founder of Mend on the Move, justice comes in lifting, serving and helping other victims become survivors.

You’re not broken, just in need of some mending.

In our little Mend community, survivors learn that “we” is better than “me”.  We are empowered when we help empower others. 

It’s amazing to see the change in women who come through our studio doors.  The simple act of treating people with respect and kindness helps them begin to see themselves as worthy of it.

We are put on this earth for a purpose.  All lives have value.  Abuse steals these truths from its victims.  Mending begins with words that speak life.  Words  have the power to encourage, lift and instill positive change and healing.


Joanne’s story


Mend on the Move was created from a place of healing.  It was the culmination of all my past pain, suffering, experiences, gifts and talents coming together for a very clear and intentional purpose.  To walk alongside and encourage other women who felt as I once had. That they had little value to offer this world.
I didn’t begin to face the abuse that happened to me as a child until well into my adulthood.
Shame and insecurities kept me quiet.  And, also because I learned it was best not to discuss such things. I needed to forget and just move on.  But when I had children of my own, my heart was struck by their vulnerability. The thought of someone abusing them grieved me and forced me to face my own truth. 

I began therapy in my 30’s and became a Christian at the age of 40. A late bloomer for sure! But both were instrumental in moving me toward forgiveness and healing. Jewelry making also was a soothing and introspective contributor to my recovery. I especially loved turning old and discarded items into something new again.  A glimmer of what was ahead for me! 

Along the way a dream started taking shape.  A dream about starting a nonprofit to provide abused women with the opportunity to help themselves by working in a creative community with like-minded survivors. 

It was two years in the making, but Mend on the Move came to be in 2015.  The abuse done to me was meant for evil, but goodness and love had the last word in my story. Just as throwaway auto parts are transformed into new and beautiful creations, so, too, was my life and the lives of the survivors who are lovingly accepted, valued and encouraged through Mend on the Move.

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