Stop & Breathe Cuff – Mend on the Move

Stop & Breathe Cuff
Stop & Breathe Cuff
Stop & Breathe Cuff
Stop & Breathe Cuff
Stop & Breathe Cuff

Stop & Breathe Cuff

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  • Sustainably handcrafted by abuse survivors
  • 100% of proceeds support our nonprofit, providing fair wages, safe work environment, empowerment + healing
  • Copper has protective coating to prevent tarnishing.
  • One size fits all. Can be formed easily to accommodate wrist size

Sometimes we’re called in a new direction. Stop. Breathe. Unfamiliar roads often lead to beautiful places. Automotive brake line hammered and formed to create an unexpected design. 

There’s a story behind each Mend design. Its name, origin and parts used to create it are on the back of each Mend jewelry tag. Also, you’ll find the signature of the Mend maker who created the piece of jewelry you’ve purchased. 
Products are made by hand and may vary slightly.


Thoughts on the project:

Initially, I was at a stand-still because I rarely make jewelry. I chose to look at it from a technical standpoint. With limited tools and material resources, I worked as simple as I could think of. I created my designs using the copper-nickel brake line, three different types of hammers, and an anvil. Only by hammering, I was able to create a variety of cuffs, all with their own unique styling and patterns. It ended up teaching me a valuable lesson; sometimes less is more. This project made me step away from what I normally do, and stop and breathe.

Customer Reviews

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Allana McDonald
Love this

Gifting it and it’s such nice quality. It’s perfect for anyone!

Lorrie Sole
Amazing jewelry!

I just love the Mend on the move jewelry. It’s so beautiful, creative and most of all supports a great cause.

Cant review never received

I have been waiting to get the bracelets I ordered but they have not arrived.

Great cuff

The cuff is great and very meaningful